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Sugar overload causing breakouts?

Sugar overload causing breakouts?


So why does it happen?

There are many reasons for acne really both intrinsic and extrinsic in this article the focus is from diet.

Eating  foods such as chocolate (hey there shed load of easter eggs giving me the eye) with a high glycemic index can lead to inflammation in the body, which affects the skin in many cases breakouts. I am addressing mild to moderate level acne anything more than this and persistent then you should seek medical advice. I will list links at bottom of article for any product suggestions. 

What next ? 

No point on dwelling on it, if ya enjoyed the sweet treat its grand it won't kill you but to get the skin back on track here are few tips I picked up and find work

1. Bit obvious but cut back (don't have to go cold turkey on it ) on the refine sugar in your diet. 

2. Try to resist squeezing! I know it is difficult if you feel like they can be seen from outerspace or are just really sore. I fully recommend you try using hydrochloride patch on breakout instead. There are many brands on market I like cosrx patches and jolvka acne pimple patches. They retail usually under £10. These work at night and pull all the fluid up out of the blemish. I have had amazing result. 

If you must squeeze then on clean skin with clean hands and a tissue. If your spot really is ready to be popped then it will do so by placing fingers either side of blemish and pressing down stretching skin away from the spot onto tight. What this does is it forces bacteria with to drive up and out less likely that  you will leave some of it underneath.  If you see any sign of blood stop this will mean scarring is about to happen and that is last thing you want. Initally i would apply something antiseptic to the area as it is am open wound  like you would a cut so maybe salon for example. 

3. Cleansers I recommend a gently foaming cleanser. Salicylic acid BHA Ingredient works  on  skin to speed up proliferation process.  It gets into the pore to clear out plug of sebum and skin cells. It can often be found in cleanser and on spot treatments lotions or pads

If it is only a breakout in specific area and not all over, the rest of your skin is normal to dry I would recommend looking for this in a spot treatment product or pad. Waxperts brand do fab little pads with salicylic acid in them. You could  just your chosen salicylic cleanser every other night swapping it out with a less active cleanser until blemishes clear. Skingredients have one called Sally Cleanse. Cosrx salicylic cleanser is another. Skin formulas has an daily foaming cleanser with AHA in it which are more gently than salicylic BHA. Holos skincare has lovely gently products also. 

If breakouts are all over and your have oily acne prone skin then a  salicylic cleanser would possibly work best for you. 


Uniquley You Set above is £121.50 and can be customised to your skin concerns.

Available on 

4. Introduce prebiotics as they sooth inflammation and reduces redness. The one I am most familiar with and have seen results with is the skin formulas clear skin treatment zap formula. Clear skin has the ability to regulate sebum and lighten acne marks without irritating or drying out the skin’s surface. The prebiotic soothes inflammation and reduces redness. Prebiotics will balance microbiome and calm skin. Clear can be used just on breakouts or all over if you have oiler skin. It has antiageing benefits too and can be used in pregnancy. Green tea and niacinamide ingredients are also great ingredient to look out for when thinking or your skin barrier. Your skin barrier is ultimately what is compromised when your get breakouts so your need to keep it strengthened. 

5. Don't over strip the skin ensure you hydrate with a product like hyaluronic as it is hydric rather than lipidic( Water loving not oil loving) it will hold moisture in your skin for longer. Skin Formulas hydra serum is brilliant multi weight one, inky list has a very good affordable one. You want it to be multi weight and nice consistency so that you enjoy using it and get the added benefits. Some can be very sticky. 

6. If you have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (scarring from old breakouts) then antioxidants such as vitamin A speed up cell regeneration this needs to only be introduced under guidance of skin care professional. Another power house antioxidant is Vitamin C is a great Ingredient to look for also as it inhibits the enzyme tyrosine and stop pigmentation from developing but it can be quiet a rich Ingredient for oiler skin types so again seek proffessional advice. 

7. Exfoliate gently and regularly I recommend the 2 in 1 exfoliating and hydrating mask from skin formulas as it contains fruit enzymes. Gently exfoliates to remove build up of dead skin cells and adds essential antioxidants to improve general skin health. Perfect for all skin types and rosacea affected skin. Nourishing active ingredients promote a healthier, more radiant appearance. 

8. You can not get gorgeous mineral makeup in liquid and powder forms it is no longer the limiyed selection we once knew. The sculpted by Aimee Connolly range has liquid mineral called second skin foundation in matte and dewy finish and there is 9 shade. It also has mineral concealer called cover up in complimentary shades. These will both disguise your blemish but are Non-comedogenic so your spot won't be aggravated any further. BellaPerrie  is another gorgeous mineral makeup and has lovely lightweight powders if you prefer. 

9. Finally drink water! Get yourself a water bottle you love or pop your favourite dilute juice in or on a cold day I drink cups of hot water or juice instead of tea. 

Product recommendations stockist:

Jolvka Acne pimple patches - amazon

Cosrx cleanser: Boots, Bty cosmetics

Skingredients Sally Cleanse

Skin Formulas Clear Skin Treatment Zap formula, Vit A serum and Vit C serum:

Sculpted second skin foundation range: 

BellaPierre cosmetics

Thank you reading and if you have any questions im happy to help. My email is or message on social media @dollybirdbeautystudio 

Edel x 


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